Conference topics of the Modern RE 2018

  1. Field reports: Agile requirements engineering - with which techniques agile requirements engineering has been implemented? Where have been the biggest challenges?
  2. Techniques: What is about priority controlled collecting of requirements? How do I implement an agile project portfolio management and which advantages result? What is contradiction to classic requirements engineering? Where are the advantages, where the challenges? How is dealt with "Non text based requirements" (like models)? Ho w can agile requirements engineering and architectural development get connected?
  3. UX: User Experience and User Interaction are central topics in agile requirements engineering. How does the integration of UX/UI experts in agile teams work? Which techniques are used and necessary?
  4. Requirements handling: Design Thinking and User Story Mapping are common methods in agile requirements engineering. Which experiences have been gained and until which data collection do they reach?
  5. Interaction: Can classic approaches of requirements engineering be integrated in agile approaches? Where are the risks which advantages exist? How can the best from both worlds be used?
  6. Standards: How works the integration of standards in agile requirements engineering? What has to be respected in veriication management and compliance?
  7. Tools: Is the use of heavy weight (and expensive) tools in agile projects still contemporary? What are the options in the market and which experiences have been gained? From which project size is the use of tools unavoidable?
  8. Roles: Who is taking the role of the requirements manager in agile projects? Is the product owner now the requirements manager? What is the difference between the product owner and the classic requirements manager? How does the cooperation between client and contractor suceed and who provides the product owner in this constellation?
  9. Business analysis: Requirements engineering and business analysis – do we deal with two worlds or just with two sides of the same coin? How do the different roles, responsobilities, skills and tools of requirements engineers and business analysts differentiate? How agile can a business analyst be?
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