Matthias Eschhold

Matthias Eschhold is a software architect and managing consultant at Novatec Consulting GmbH. As a Domain-driven design enthusiast and expert in structural software quality, he supports customers in their architectural work in agile application development.

What makes him special - Matthias has profound experience in the design of software architecture for product lines, which he uses with well-known customers. He also passionately imparts his architecture knowledge as a trainer "on the job" or in the context of the iSAQB Foundation Level.

His business career path and a degree in business informatics are foundation to his methods : he thinks primarily from a business perspective and only secondarily from a technical point of view. These are the best prerequisites that ensure individual approach to each client, when it comes to introduction and application of domain-driven design, in the specific company or project context.

Matthias Eschhold

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