Rishabh Misra

Rishabh has a Masters in CS from the University of California San Diego and currently works at Twitter as an ML Engineer in the Timelines Quality team. He's passionate about identifying and tackling novel and practical problems using his ML expertise and his contributions have led to several research publications in competitive ML conferences like RecSys, ACL, and WSDM. The datasets he collected as part of his research have been very well received by the ML community. He was recently ranked in the top 20 dataset contributors on the Kaggle platform and his dataset on Sarcasm Detection was also used in Deeplearning.ai's Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow course on Coursera for teaching purposes. He also likes to explain convoluted concepts in an accessible manner and has written several blogs with the TowardDataScience online publication.

Personal Website: https://rishabhmisra.github.io/

Rishabh Misra

Sessions von Rishabh Misra

110 Minuten Kurzworkshop

07. Oktober, 15:30-17:10



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