Lean inceptions to set projects up for success

Starting new things is hard.
Unknowns are lurking within the various aspects of the problem domain, dependencies and risks, and not least, in how to solve the problem at hand.
Trust has to be built, and relationships, and we have to identify and agree on 'what to do', and more importantly 'how to do it'.
For the teams and organisations I have worked with, Inceptions have become the trusted pattern to kick-off initiatives and set them up for success.

As we know from decades of experience, big-design-up-front, waterfall and long-winded requirements analysis do rarely lead to good results.

Building on many years of experience I will present a framework of how we can run lean inceptions to set teams up for success. This framework is based on lean and agile best practices, and thus increases chances of success by de-risking early, just-in-time analysis and planning for iteration and evolution.

Drawing on examples from the financial industry - a reporting dashboard for a trading desk and a payment gateway for an international bank providing payment services to online and offline merchants - I will demonstrate how lean inceptions are run in practice and how they can address the challenges of getting quickly to grips with complex project domains by using a range of lean and agile tools and techniques.

Was lernen die Zuhörerenden in dem Vortrag?

This session will present a pattern that teams can easily adopt and tailor to kick-off initiatives more successfully. It will cover

  • what inceptions are and why they are valuable
  • the basic framework for inceptions which teams can use as a template to run their own inceptions
  • what tools can be used to facilitate remote or face-to-face inceptions
  • key considerations, principles and best-practices when running inceptions

Participants will get inspiration and concrete actionable knowledge that will enable them to run their own inceptions with purpose and confidence.

Marcel Britsch
Marcel Britsch

Marcel Britsch is an independent Digital Consultant, Product Owner and Agile Transformation specialist. Born in Germany, he has been...

Swathi Poddar
Swathi Poddar

Product consultant with over 12 years experience in building B2B/B2C web and mobile based applications. Having worked with start ups,...

45 Minuten Vortrag

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22. September


Management, Product Managers, Product Managers, Delivery Teams


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