Experiences with Agile Requirements

after many years of classical requirement engineering, agile working came in the industry life’s. I want to share with you my experience in the telco and manufacturing industry of the relevance of agile requirement engineering and possible ways with these questions: how to implement it in our organizations? how to match agility with classical roles? what kind of education we can offer to implement agile requirement engineering? I want to share with you the agile requirements curriculums of different organizations and a recommendation how we found our topic catalog and how to roll it out. the session should be an impulse and for inspiration and then exchanging experiences and discuss together different topics and aspects of implementation of agile requirement engineering in companies. If the session is remote, we will do it via zoom and miro and will also do some little exercises to focus on the topic. you are all welcome to join and share your opinons and experiences in that session.

Was lernen die Zuhörerenden in dem Vortrag?

you get an overview of agile requirement engineering and best practices and a sharing of role education roadmap

Markus Willner
Markus Willner

Markus Willner ist als Head of Agile Coching bei Bosch IO GmbH tätig. Er ist dabei als Agile Trainer, Agile Coach und Agiler...

45 Minuten Vortrag


21. September




Rollen im agilen Anforderungsmanagement






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