How Digital Projects fail

Building digital products is complex, involves many people with varying backgrounds and goals and often requires substantial financial commitment. For all these reasons, many projects fail to fulfill the expectations set on them initially – massive delays, sub-par quality or a bad product/market fit can all turn an ambitious initiative into a failed investment. In this talk, I will explain how bad patterns in planning, management and project setup lead to dissatisfying results and how those can be avoided.

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This talk is based on years of experience I made working with clients of all kinds – from corporates to startups. I see the same mistakes being made over and over with teams not working together but against each other, essential infrastructure and processes missing and management guiding people without understanding much about what those people do. I have come to the conclusion that communication and collaboration among all(!) project stakeholders are key and most management and project planning practices are merely pseudo-scientific activities that do not have much value – in fact, sometimes even have negative value. In this talk, I present the core values that we at simplabs have found to be foundations for successful projects (and we have described in much more detail in our playbook:

Marco Otte-Witte
Marco Otte-Witte

Marco is the founder and Managing Director of simplabs, a Digital Product and Web Engineering consultancy based in Munich, Germany. He has been in...

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